Smart Post Sound's Smartcast: Interviews and discussions with creators in film, television, and gaming.

In the art of sound design, editorial, re-recording mixing, ADR, and foley, who can listeners count on for interviews and discussions on topics related to audio post production and filmmaking? Whether you're a producer, director, audio enthusiast or filmmaker make sure to listen in each week with the team at Smart Post, your favorite award-winning artists and creators of the most well known television and film soundtracks in the industry.
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Smart Post Sound's Smartcast: Interviews and discussions with creators in film, television, and gaming.



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Nov 17, 2016

Loren Silber is an audio post production mixer and co-owner of Lime Studios in Santa Monica, CA.  Loren's experience began at the University of Miami where he started in the music engineering program.  His ambitions then moved towards becoming a record producer and working on albums in Los Angeles where things fell short.

After applying for several jobs around the country, Loren landed his first post production job in Chicago.  With $300 in his pocket he moved to Chicago and took the job.  Loren lived and worked in Chicago for 8 years before moving to Los Angeles.

Loren saw moving to POP Sound in Santa Monica for his own room as a mixer as a great opportunity and ceased it. Loren began building his clientele and experience in commercial mixing.

Through his experience, work ethic, and technical know-how, Loren is a "turn-key" solutions mixer that handles all elements of sound for his projects.  Through Lime Studios, Loren is able to unify a voice in collaboration and creativity for every project he's a part of.

This week Larry discusses much of Loren's experience in high end commercial and post production mixing for some of the most watched advertising material on the planet.

Nov 10, 2016

Steve Cantos is Vice President of Operations and Client Services currently at Sony DADC.  Steve's experience in Home Entertainment post production and international markets is discussed.  Not many people understand what happens to the packaged product after it's been completed.

Steve has held senior leadership roles overseeing staff of 100+ across numerous functional servicing areas, covering all facets of feature film and episodic content creation and distribution.  He's been head of strategic initiatives and designed several systems to improve process, efficiency, and operating profit.


This week we explore what it's like "post" post-production. What are some of the hurdles, obstacles, and scenarios domestic content is put under before being distributed internationally.  If you've ever been curious about how these deals are made and what type of scrutiny large film and television titles are under, make sure to listen.

Nov 3, 2016
Matt Temple is an established post-production sound designer, editor, supervisor and mixer with his roots in the music industry. Classically trained as a violinist early on, Matt began playing guitar from the age of 12. Originally from New York, he spent 12 years in the Boston Area playing in bands and producing artists and songwriters. He eventually took a job teaching at the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.
After playing the club scene and doing tours through Glasgow, Edinburgh, and the UK, Matt decided to relocate to Los Angeles, California. In LA Matt has become more involved with Sound Design for Film and Television. He has worked on many major motion pictures and TV shows including: St. Sebastian, Tyrant, The Tick, Second Chance, Salem, Bones, Parks and Recreation, The Office, Ultimate Rush, Good Vibes, Friends with Benefits, Sit Down Shut Up, King of the Hill, The Goode Family, Centipede, The Killer Weekend, Passion of the Christ and many more. (see for complete list)
Although his focus has shifted towards the Film and TV industry, he still enjoys producing his own musical compositions. Matt's music is computer-driven, utilizing the latest in technology. Matt composes and designs sound in his private studio in Culver City where he mixes music and film in 5.1. Matt stays involved in the music scene and has done Sound Design for Trent Reznor of NINE INCH NAILS.
For more info on Matt, visit his personal site at -